GLOBAL FINANCIAL trust difference

Global Financial Trust is not a bank.

We are a locally owned and operated firm that specializes in safe, secure, guaranteed and insured investment products. We are not affiliated in any way with any other Global Financial Trust nationally or internationally. We are licensed by the state of Michigan (GFT Investment Group).

We at Global Financial Trust have access to over 2,000 banks nationwide and are licensed with 50 different insurance institutions. All banks are FDIC and all insurance institutions are members of the Michigan Life and Health Guarantee Association (MLHIGA). Thus, all of our investment products are fully insured to legal limits.

​Your deposits are made out and/or signed over directly to the bank or insurance institution of your choice. Your investment is on deposit with them, not Global Financial Trust. You always retain complete and total ownership of your investments. Global Financial Trust is your local, personal service office.

At Global Financial Trust

we look for the highest yields available for our clients.

We research each institution and their products to ensure they are financially sound. Because we are independent and highly diversified our loyalties, unlike a bank employee or investment firm employee, do not belong to any one institution. Our loyalty belongs solely and wholly with our client’s best interest.

At Global Financial Trust we prefer to educate our clients and get them actively involved with their investments so they will have a clear understanding of where their investments are and how they will perform. After all, it is your money and we treat it accordingly.

At Global Financial Trust the foundation of our business is built on long-term relationships with our clients through positive performance, respect and a higher level of service. At Global Financial Trust you will always work with the same representative thus allowing for a more personal and consistent relationship.

Global Financial Trust 

does not charge you for our services.

We are paid directly by the institutions we represent. At Global Financial Trust we do not believe in hidden fees, front-end loads and/or back-end loads charged by us or by the products we represent.

With over 70 years of combined experience in the Western Michigan area and with access to over 2,000 banks and 50 different insurance institutions, Global Financial Trust is uniquely poised, like no other, to service your safe, secure, guaranteed and insured investment needs. With greater returns and higher level of personal service we invite you to experience the Global Financial Trust difference.

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